Once perceived as a non-traditional career for women, the number of women in Australian pest management has increased significantly in recent years. Employment opportunities for women in the industry have expanded to include roles such as customer service representatives, field technicians, marketing managers, leaders and senior managers. Professional Women in Australian Pest Management (PWAPM) is an association that aims to represent professional women in our industry. PWAPM creates opportunities for women to connect and engage both online and face to face, through an active Facebook group and website, and through social events and professional workshops. At an industry level, PWAPM acts as the ‘voice’ of women in pest management. We see our industry entering a period of significant technical advancement and achieving higher levels of professionalism than ever before. The bar is continually being raised by our female industry leaders. 

The aim of PWAPM is to offer women an effective way to meet valuable contacts and share ideas, while also providing a space for gender equality to be discussed without judgement. Pest control is a customer-driven industry that is dependent on communication and relationships – two areas where women tend to excel. It can also be a fast-paced business where it’s essential to wear many hats at once. Let’s be honest, most women are serious multitaskers! We are also problem-solvers who tend to think differently to men – and variety in thinking is advantageous. (It’s perhaps no surprise that many successful pest control operations are husband and wife teams!) PWAPM serves to empower women in our industry, so that we can all work together – both men and women – to better serve our customers. It is fantastic to see men in the industry are embracing our unique female strengths.

By coming together, women in pest management can help support, grow and cultivate this industry, which is to the benefit of everyone.